Robert E. Kelly

Are You a Star at Work:
 9 breakthrough strategies you need to succeed

Published in 1998, Kelley’s strategies are as relevant today as they were then. Fast Company’s review provides a short, sharp overview of the key ideas, and gives a useful reminder of the all-important basics, including the power of “Followership”.


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In How to Be a Star at Work: Nine Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed (Times Books, 1998), Kelley details his research and offers a blueprint to help average performers lift themselves into the realm of the stars.

“Most people know that they have a star within them,” he says, “but for some reason, it hasn’t clicked. They see other people getting ahead, people with roughly the same talent as they have – and these other people are on a faster track. Most people genuinely want to be more productive, do their best, and live up to their potential, but they don’t know how to do it.”