Muse Magazine

Think. Create. Become.



Launched in May 2017, Muse is a welcome addition to the personal development landscape.

Anchored by inspiring personalities and framed by modern culture, Muse combines revealing first-person stories with leading expert commentary in psychology, self-help and personal development to encourage contemplation and discussion.

From finding purpose and creating a healthy online identity, changing thought patterns using neuroplasticity, and to the impact of attachment style on adult relationships, Muse is a mirror, metaphor and mentor. Its intimate ‘human’ lens and simple, yet intelligent, language differentiate it from both tabloid and academic genres.

Muse is intent on shining a light on, and starting conversations around, mental health issues often kept out of mainstream media. Muse informs the audience through breaking down some of these issues to promote understanding.

Although targeted at women, Muse is equally relevant for the male reader. Whether seeking their own inspiration and skills to enable self-development, or wanting to support and further understand the issues facing the women in their lives – Muse provides a compelling read.