Anthony M. Grant & Jane Greene

Solution-Focused Coaching:
 Managing people in a complex world

To be successful at work you must be successful with people. As stress takes an ever-bigger toll on employees, the successful organisation is the one that enables its workforce to manage and even harness that stress into productivity and satisfaction.



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Balance, clear goals and responsibility become more and more important. This book examines the challenges that the furious pace of change in today’s world has brought, and provides every manager with strategies to facilitate a successful, dynamic, creative, effective workforce.

Backed by sound, up-to-the minute psychological theory, this book is also highly practical and packed with validated tools and techniques for enhancing life experience and work performance.

This book will equip the reader with usable, effective, proven techniques for improving communication, collaboration and co-operation at work. It will teach the reader how to become a `manager coach’ and to lead themselves and their team with confidence.

Why you should read this book

At Kipling Partners many of us have graduated with our Master of Science in Coaching Psychology from The University of Sydney under the leadership of Dr Anthony M. Grant.

The Coaching Psychology program at the University of Sydney is one of the few postgraduate qualifications worldwide in coaching psychology. The Coaching Psychology Unit at Sydney is recognised as a world leader in the development of both coaching theory and its real-world application with a specific focus on coaching in business and organisational settings.

This book offers an insight into this world and the rapidly emerging profession of coaching psychology.