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Alison Pate
With over 20 years of global leadership experience, Alison has designed, implemented and managed strategy, operational systems and processes in complex settings to achieve sustainable results and business outcomes. As an Executive Coach and facilitator, Alison has assisted major corporations in the financial, hospitality, government, retail and property industries to achieve exceptional performance and is particularly adept in the area of cross-cultural integration

Alison’s skill lies in her ability to quickly understand the business context and facilitate, through a variety of coaching methodologies, the underlying thought processes that drive behaviour, perception and perspective. This integrated approach enables her clients to develop powerful insights and solutions that result in positive change, personal success and accelerated performance. Alison’s style is described as insightful, supportive and thought-provoking.

Raised in Canada, England and Germany, Alison now calls Sydney home. She loves travelling and exploring new cultures.

Professional Summary

Areas of expertise

  • Cross Cultural Integration – Supporting leaders to navigate complex business and social relationships in cross cultural settings to optimise business performance
  • High Performance Teams – Coaching senior executives to effectively lead and build high performing teams
  • Communicating with Impact – Developing leadership capacity to engage and inspire others, develop one’s authentic style, personal brand and presence
  • Enterprise Leadership – Working with leaders and teams to develop and drive change programs that align the brand, strategy, culture, people capability and delivery model
  • Career Management – Working with individuals to expand their potential and successfully identify, craft and navigate career opportunities for advancement
  • Personal Impact & Sustainability – Working with executives to increase self-awareness and develop and embed strategies to enhance performance and wellbeing.


  • Macquarie Group - Global Director - Business Services
  • Hyatt International Hotels - Global Director - Operations, USA.


  • Organisational (Level 3) and Team Coaching – IECL
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration – University of Queensland
  • Graduate Diploma in Commerce and Hotel Management – Vancouver Island University.


  • i4 Neuroleader Model; Hogan Assessment Systems; The Leadership Circle, Leadership Culture Survey (TLC).

CEO, Property Development Group

“After each session, I was able to say I made a breakthrough.  She is very good at asking the most pertinent questions at the right time.  She helped me discover my blind spots that I never knew existed.”

Director, Digital Design Company

“Alison is a brilliant coach. I’ve found her ability to reframe perspective and preconception invaluable to both my growth as a leader and the success of my business. Alison contextualises and tailors her practise to her clients, making the outcomes more tangible and powerful. It’s a collaboration, and a challenge, it’s certainly not an easy option, but in my opinion, is the most powerful if you want to grow, in a sustainable and permanent way into a better, more compassionate and successful leader.”

Director, Financial Services

“I started coaching sessions with Alison when my career was at a crossroad and I needed clarification and direction.  Alison was fantastic at helping me work through what I wanted to do and achieve in my life.  Her probing questions delivered in a gentle manner made me really dig deep to identify and explore some of my behaviours and thought processes that have influenced areas of my life that I wanted to change and improve.”