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Ting Ting Lin
Ting-Ting brings more than 20 years’ experience in business and management to coaching and facilitation. For over 10 years she worked as an executive at Philips Electronics in Greater China. It was here that she honed her skills in developing individuals, leaders and organisations in complex multi-national corporations. Prior to her corporate career, she worked in academia for 10 years as a tenured Professor at the University of California. This gave her experience managing government and industry-sponsored research and development projects and engaging with cross-cultural researchers and graduate students. It also provided her the ability to be creative, entrepreneurial, and think ‘out-of-the-box’.

Ting-Ting believes in life-long learning and in being accountable for one’s self and one’s environment. Her strength in logical thinking (a trained engineer) and objective analysis of complex issues supports her clients in understanding all facets of a matter. She has successfully helped many individuals discover their strength, build their leadership capability, develop high performance teams, and successfully navigate and grow businesses in competitive and complex markets. She has developed and run training programs in the areas of Leadership, Cross-Cultural Teams, Mindfulness, Strategy, Innovation, and Sales Force Optimisation. She has served industries that include: Automotive, Consultancy, Finance, Media, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Technology, Materials and Manufacturing.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Ting-Ting now lives in Shanghai with her family. She practices Taichi, Yoga, and ballroom dancing when she has spare time.

Professional Summary

Areas of expertise

  • Enterprise Leadership – Supporting leaders to successfully understand, lead, collaborate and operate across their organisational ‘system’ with agility, focus and impact
  • High Performing Teams – Working with teams to maximise their contribution to the organisation and develop their capacity for continuous learning and personal growth
  • Strategic Thinking – Developing in leaders the capacity to work ‘on the balcony’ and to lead, activate and deliver strategic opportunities under VUCA for business growth, leverage and accelerated performance
  • Mindfulness – Helping individuals to be mindful of what they do to unleash their potential and to enhance personal resilience and leadership impact
  • Women in Leadership – Supporting women to develop their leadership style, navigate their career and successfully operate with confidence and impact
  • Career Management – Supporting executives to define their career path and effectively navigate opportunities to achieve success with confidence.


  • Philips Greater China – Lighting, Semiconductors’ division
  • University of California, San Diego – Associate Professor (Tenured)


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Electrical and Computer Engineering – Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Bachelor’s degree, Electrical Engineering – National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
  • Coach/Mentor – Heartmath, USA
  • Coaching to Excellence - New Ventures West, USA
  • EMBA program – Philips/Ashridge College, UK.


  • MBTI; Firo-B; Spiral Dynamics; Emergenetics