Leadership is a critical lever for value creation, and so your leaders need skills that align directly to your unique strategy. We specialise in creating bespoke programs, and use our coaching expertise to help leaders translate relevant new skills into that value.

Why Kipling Partners?

We are Curators
We believe you are the expert in your landscape and so we will work with you to design a custom program that is practical and relevant to your context.

We are Coaches
As well as skilled facilitators and designers, our team are all senior coaches who specialise in helping leaders transfer insights into action. Transferring new skills into business value is our strength.

We are Experienced
You can select from our senior Asia Pacific team of over 35 executive coaches, designers and facilitators.

We are Independent
We are accredited across the most widely used leadership assessment tools. We can integrate your existing tools or draw on our experience to recommend one that fits best.

We are Collaborators
We will partner with your internal stakeholders and other external providers to deliver a world class team effort.

Who is this for?

We build programs for C-Suite leaders through to first time leaders.
We also have experience building programs for specific cohorts such as high potentials or female leaders.
Working closely with senior executives across Asia Pacific, we understand the skills they are looking for to lead into the future.

Our programs support leaders to:

Manage in highly collaborative and networked workplaces.

Grow team capability and a continuous learning mindset to keep pace with change.

Build peer-to-peer relationships and external partnerships.

Break down silos and drive innovation.

Build a diverse workforce and culture of inclusion.

Drive accountability and increase enterprise wide contribution.

What is involved?

During the design stage we seek to understand:

1. Context
What do we need to understand about your landscape?

2. Cohort
Who is this for?

3. Capability
What are the specific capabilities you are targeting to develop?

4. Consideration
What other factors do we need to consider?

5. Consequence
What has been achieved as a result of this program?

We then work in partnership with you to create a bespoke Leadership Development Program.